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Need to Sell your House Fast? Contact a cash buyer

Welcome to Mega Quick Sale Quick House Sale specialists in England and Wales. We make it easy to Sell a House Fast by taking away the stress and worries of finding a trusted and reliable cash buyer.

To sell your house fast you must find a real cash buyer who will be able to complete very quickly. Many claim to buy quickly but few actually are real cash buyers. Be vary wary of promise of short deadline and great price which may not materialize. There is a big difference between buying with hard cash and having a mortgage ready to buy.


Mega Quick Sale has teamed up with a group of cash rich investors with cash in the bank ready to buy the right house for their next investment. Obviously because no mortgage company is involved in the process; they are able to complete much faster than any other buyer can. Should you be interested to sale your house really quickly then take a few minutes to complete our short contact form on the right side of this page and we will call you back as soon as possible.


Why should you Choose us to Sell your House Fast?

  • Quick Offer: Most sellers receive an offer in principle within 24 hours,
  • Fast Sale: Cash buyers able to complete extremely quickly,
  • No Hidden Charge: We do not charge any administration fees,
  • No Fees: We do not charge a sale commission,
  • Legal Fees paid: Legal Fees paid up to £500,
  • No Obligation: There is no obligation when contacting us,
  • No Surveys: You do not need to pay for survey or HIPS,
  • No Chains: We are not part of a chain of buyers,
  • Discreet & Confidential: No for sale sign or nosy buyers.


When can we Help Sell a House Fast?

  • We can help you if your house is not mortgageable,
  • We can help you if you are trapped into a broken chain,
  • We can help you if you have financial difficulties,
  • We can help you if you have mortgage arrears,
  • We can help you even if you are facing repossession,
  • We can help you if you are relocating or moving abroad,
  • We can help you if you are going through a divorce or separation,
  • We can help you if you have suffered a bereavement,
  • We can help you if need a quick sale for any reasons.


How does This Work?

  1. Initial contact: You provide us details about the property for sale (see our contact us page for example),
  2. Valuation: We build an approximate desktop valuation based on market comparables,
  3. Advertisement: We will advertise your property to our group of cash investors,
  4. Property visit: If interested our investors will come and visit the property,
  5. Agreement: Should an agreeable price be reached both parties engage their solicitors,
  6. Completion: Money wired to your bank account directly (no mortgage company).


What should I Do to Sell my House Fast?

In order to start the process complete our contact form on the right side of this page to request a call back and discuss the detail of your situation:

  1. Please make sure to provide the address of the property you want to sell quickly so that we can check it out before calling you,
  2. Of course we would need your name and a contact phone number preferably a mobile phone,
  3. Finally if you provide an email address our system will automatically confirm receipt of our request.
We will endeavor to contact you within 24 hours from receiving your request.

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Where do we buy

Our clients - all professional investors - buy mainly in England & Wales in or around cities houses that have good potential for rental.

We are actively looking for properties in London, Milton Keynes and Coventry as well as any other large towns.

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